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    WHOA that sounds intense as heck but I’m so glad and excited for you!! You’re gonna be amazing!!!! Congratulations on everything I can’t wait to see everything when it’s done!! :D

    thank you Ketolic you’re so sweet :D Yes it is a very intense and exciting time for me ahah !

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  3. The London animation industry is as nuts as expected

    Hey lovelies of tumblr, I haven’t been active at all lately and probably won’t be for a while. I have been working for three months as a rigger/animator on a kid’s tv show produced by Amazon, and the deadline is very close now, I work eveyday non stop (10-12 hours per days) and most of the time the extra hours are not payed. Well, I was kind of expecting this, I have been warned and all, London is nuts, the indutry is collapsing and I am in the middle of it.

    The good side of this is that moving to London was indeed a very good career choice, and I am learning and meeting a lot of incredibly talented people, some cool peeps for world famous animation schools, and some experienced artist who worked on very good movies (like Happy Feet, Cloudy and ,omg, Pirates!, hard not too fangirl hard), and all these people are giving me excelent and constructive feedback on my work and i am getting better everyday. I got  a lots of compliments too and i’m getting noticed for my work uvu

    In two weeks I am starting a new job at MPC as Rigger TD, it means I am going to work on Disney’s Jungle Book, I AM SO EXCITED ! It is an excellent job for me, I am hired as a technical director even if I have no experience in feature films (only in series and ads) and never worked as a full time rigger (I’ve been a maya generalist so far). IT’S SO COOL, and after that i’m leaving the fuck out of this country, no wonder why this industry is dying when you see how it treats its artist. I can’t believe brittish people telling me “yeah that’s how it is” i’m like fuck no.

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    HAN ! Dan un peu plus agé !!!! J’adore !

    viiii ahah ! merci ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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  7. OC Sunday.

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  9. rosenbergjordan:


    I did this for a zine about glitch pokémons ! mix of 2D and 3d, this is a croped preview though, the full image will be one the zine :D

    I was assigned the glitch pokémon 4h

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  11. I finished writting the chapter 2 of Tracklist so I painted this to celebrate :D

    Thumbnailing starts next week yay !

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  13. daddiemennis said: I'm so glad you followed me, I would have never found your art and it's wonderful!

    Oh thank you ! I’m glad I found your blog too ! your art is very vibrant and expressive :D

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  15. yaahoooo:

    My part of the art trade with Léa

    Dan and Jhen, two of the characters of her comic Tracklist . Tells a story about childhood and nostalgia, lead by music. It’s really charming, easygoing, and full of cute characters! I recommend it to everyone!! (No, seriously, go check it out!!!)

    Look at them, aren’t they beautifull and cute ? thank you Alba :D

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  17. Hey everyone, this is my part of an artrade with Alba.

    Here are Erika, Guilaume and Unai from Snuff 7pm, a webcomic about kids in highschool making a snuff movie, with a sensitive and cinematographic aesthetic in the style and narrative, you should go read it !

    Here is her part of the trade :D

  18. #if you like gus van sant movies you're gonna love this comic #also it is full of beautifull teens #and punks younglings #and like #expressive and spontaneous styel #with flawless anatomy

  19. Anonymous said: There is another MCM comic con coming up in October and from my experience, they are very big and very packed! Most of the museums in London are free, and really interesting but try to avoid the tube during rush hour. It is suffocating.

    thanks for the infos, I’m defenitly gonna go to this comic con :D

    That’s a very good thing that so much museums are free^^ And yes i’ve experienced the tube and I don’t get why it is so expensive while they don’t even have an air conditioning system, i’m gonna take my bike as much as possible !

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  21. Anonymous said: there'll be another comic con in october ish!

    Oh sweet :D

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  23. London !

    Hello all :D

    After one year in Amsterdam and a few months freelancing from my hometown in France, I’ve found a job in London and justed moved here a couple of days ago.

    I’ve never been to London before and I’m very anxious and excited ahah, new job, new town, new bike ! I live in a lovely flat right next to the Thames and close to Greenwich, it’s very calm and nautical, it gives me Amsterdam feelings. I am missing Amsterdam so much, I had such a great time there and I feel very intimidated by London’s size and prices. Like, Berlin was huge but so cheap and bike friendly, and it was very easy to fraud the subway as there were no gates nor controllers lol i did it many times. Also, they have a very different work ethic in britain compared to the rest of europe (especially in the CG industry) and I have to get ready to do many unpaid extra hours :/

    But still it is the best choice I could have made for my carrer I think and I am ready for the adventure !

    Who knows London ? do you have tips or secret places to share with me ? Also, I’ve missed the MCM comicon and I would really like to go to one of this big american style conventions, is there any more coming ?

    cheers :p

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  25. tracklistcomic:

    Some danish scout IDs of the boys from the upcoming Chapter 2 of Tracklist

    Dan’s badges : 

    Firemaker, knows how to make good and safe campfires - Ornithology, knows a lot about birds - Musician, plays many instuments and sing songs - Topography, never get lost - Leadership, good team leader

    Jhen’s badges :

    Paramedical, heals booboos - Ornithology, knows a lot about birds too - Fundraiser, best at selling scout cookies and calendars - Teamwork, good team spirit - Multilingual, knows at least two languages and more

    (yes they’re both really into birds)

    can’t wait to start working on chapter 2, but first some major changes in my life, i’m gonna move to another country again :)

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  27. yaahoooo said: WHAT THE HELL i was gonna send you a message screaming from joy cus i just noticed you're following me!!! and when i got here i don't know why i wasn't following you!! cause I found your blog some time ago and LOVED ITT!! AND LOVED TRACKLIST, I EVEN SENT IT TO MY GF TO SHOW HER HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WAS!!! Anyway, after this lil accident, i just wanted you to know, i really like your comic and your drawings are super sweet and yea, im really happy you're following me! 8u8

    OH MY GOD thank you I’m so glad you loved Tracklist !!!

    Yes I was following you already ! I love your lines, it’s so bold and expressive, and the way you draw your character is so natural and seem so easy, and there is so much tenderness you put in it I CAN FEEL IT

    and i loved your webcomic too! you have some cinematographic esthetics that speaks to me a lot :D

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  29. I love your original arts and tracklist in general so much!! You put so much detail into your work and its always so amazing <3

    I’m so glad you read and loved my little comic, i’m gonna faint ♥(ノ´∀`)

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