1. familly time at the beach, and eridan.

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  3. Anonymous asked: I don't have words to say to you the inspiring that your art is for me. I'm gonna start the tertiary studies tomorrow, animation 2D, and i was suddenly so afraid. But seeing your art, all that you make! Illustrations, animations, your comic! I'm gonna be brave, gonna be there and put all my soul and love in everything that i make. I'm wanna be an inspiration, like you, a great artist. Thank you for all, thank you so, so much.

    Hey annon, thank you for your sweet word about my art and my comic (did you read it omg i love you), you just enlighted my monday morning ^^

    You know, it is sooo nice to hear that you feel inspired by my drawings and animation ! I am myslef inspired by so much wonderfull artists who post their stuff on line everyday and this is such an important thing in my life, and feel so fulfilled to play that part in yours :)

    I’m sure you’re going to have some of best days in your artistic life, studying 2D animation, you’re going to meet tons of incredible people who loves just the same things as you and also great teachers ! I went to 3D animation school and i am sooo envious of you because 2D is my secret true love <3

    I know from experience that it is very hard, be carefull with your sleep and your nutrition, eat a lot of fruits and rice and drink tea instead of coffee. always take the time to work on some personnal projects outside of school work ! good luck you’re gonna be great !

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  5. quick coloring of one of those character doodles

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  7. "LISTEN!"

    looks like eridan found a nice outfit and a cute sidekick :D

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  9. tracklistcomic:

    a thing i made for the blog’s header.

    from my comic’s blog.

    yes you can read my comic here yo

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  11. Full resolution to see the animation :3

    I did this one a long ago but never posted it here because tumblr doesn’t let the animation play in the dashboard. Oh well.

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  13. hey tumblr !

    I’m very glad to say that i finished the first chapter of a comic project i’ve been working on for a while. The story is about music and memory, and how the two can be connected. It is also about family and childhood, and also there is some cute animals and less cute animals.

    the first chapter is available on smackjeeve !

    i am always open to critiques so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

    pour les français il y a une version francophone ici :)

    thank you Somethingwithrainandbows for the translation ^^

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  15. hey kids, i will post my webcomic in english tomorrow

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  17. Tracklist en français !


    Coucou les francophones :)

    Vous pouvez lire le premier chapitre de Tracklist sur webcomic.fr

    chouette !

    The english version is being translated and i hope i will post it in a couple of days !

    viendez lire mon webcomic les french gens !

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  19. brainboxlab asked: Do you do commissions?

    Yes i do sometimes, send me a note on deviantart ( musicfromtheceiling.deviantart.com ) or at leaveratoro@yahoo.fr and we can discuss it :)

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  21. Happy new year people of tumblr, 2013 was an good year for me here (and afk too), I love you all very much ! Enjoy the new sherlock episode tonight =D


  22. tracklistcomic:

    Working on the first chapter of Tracklist.

    some random inked panels that i kind of like,

    I hope i’ll be done for christmas but i doubt it, more likely for the new year !

    Okay guys :)

    I’m working on a webcomic at the moment, it’s about memories connected to music, and the first chapter should be ready around christmas !

    If you’re interested you can follow this blog where i will post some previews, and extra things like character design and other pre production stuff. And also some music as it is all about music !

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  24. I’ll tell you, listeners, I was almost swallowed by a cloud of malevolent shadow energy on the drive home and I hardly even noticed.  I was sooo happy. 

    I feel you Cecil, i almost crushed my bike on a tram because i was sooo happy too.

    Welcome to Night Vale fanart!

    that would be cute of you to see it full view here

    i made a step by step on my deviantart if you want

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  26. I tried not to draw a background to focus more on what i need to improve (characters) but i don’t know, how do you draw on a white background guys ? i feel naked !

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  28. Anonymous asked: WE WANT YOUR SHIPPING WALL

    <3< erivris all over the wall